I would like to check change of the path length and the travel time of an electron in a bending magnet with a fringe field.
First I tracked an electron beam using each of magnet elements, CSRCSBEND and CSBEND, which has 1-m bending radius and
45-degree bending angle and lies between drift spaces and then checked Ct-values including the two drift spaces. But there
was no difference between two Ct-values of hard edge(no fringe field, HGAP=0) and soft edge(ex. HGAP=0.03,FINT=0.3),
though betatron function was significantly changed. I then used NIBEND element with linear and cubic-spline fringe models,
but the Ct-value was the same as those of CSRBEND and CSBEND. Elegant does not have a function to calculate change of the
travel time in a bending magnet with and without a fringe field ? If it has such function, please tell me about it.

Please help

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