Since the properties of water in river beds began to be influenced by anthropogenic factor, is the flood impact much stronger and less predictable. This paper is focused on floods, which are caused by the injudicious alteration of the River Odra bed near the municipality of Albrechtičky. Changes in the river bed caused overflow to the populated area instead of alluvial meadows. Suggested solution is the recovery of the parallel river bed. As the flow regime has never been controlled in this area, it was necessary to carry out new measurement. In this case it was methodology of flow measurement what has been used for the flow calculation. Flow measurement has been carried in five profiles. In some parts, where the channel has the smallest capacity, the measurment has been taken by the laser rangefinder. From these measured values was the maximal capacity determined by Chezy equation. Subsequently the proposal of flood control has been simulated by the hydrodynamic model HEC-RAS. According to the results of the Chezy equation and consumption curves has been found capacity of parallel channel about 3 – 7 m3.s-1 in the smallest parts. It means, that it is able to take about thirty days of the Odra’s flow. By using hydrological modelling were compared inundation areas during the current and newly proposed route, and it has been found that the inundation area at the confluence of parallel troughs would decrease almost by the half. It would be appropriate to propose the connection of the River Odra bed and parallel river bed in the flood area, it would cause decrease of the flow. The advantage of the proposal of flood control is certainly its near-natural character. It will improve reserves of surface water in the floodplain and ecological status of river.

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